Abandoned Kitten Rescued By Good Samaritan

abandoned kitten

A baby Kitten was Rescued from a wheelie bin in Rochdale

Abandoned Kitten

A baby kitten that had been put in an empty bin & abandoned has come out unscathed and ended up being adored and loved by almost everyone who hears about this story.

It is a perfect example of how Christmas wishes can come true.
The unfortunate animal was discovered wrapped in two bags in freezing temperatures by a refuse employee and was then transported to the RSPCA center in Rochdale on Sunday, 18th Dec 2022.

abandoned kitten

Image from the RSPCA


The charity added that a subsequent appeal for donations to assist with the cat’s care included blankets, food, and toys. The kitten, nicknamed Albert was the definition of a “little Christmas wonder,” It said.

In a post on Facebook, the charity announced that “the kind warm-hearted refuse worker” attended the center “holding the kitten” and was looking around for assistance. “Albert was discovered in freezing temperatures, dumped in a wheelie bin,” an official said. “Not only that, he was shackled between two plastic bin bags , and therefore was unable to move or breathe adequately.”

Image from the RSPCA

Good Samaritan

They stated that the “kind gentleman… was able to hear Albert crying in the garbage bin who had been ruthlessly abandoned” and had run to “locate him, pull his body out from the bin as quickly as possible before heading straight over to the charity.”

Kittens Lucky Day

They said Albert was having a “lucky day.” After the kitten was able to be put at ease and made to feel comfortable, the center called for the public to contribute items to assist in Albert’s care plan.

The center was flooded with donations, and the staff was “completely amazed” at the “so many wonderful people” who were willing to assist and said: “We couldn’t be more than grateful.”

They claimed that Albert was doing great and was playing and eating every food item offered to him, what a star!

abandoned black kitten

Images from the RSPCA

“This youngster has gone from being left in a bin just yesterday into being one of the most locally loved and adored kitten in Rochdale,” the group said. “If Albert isn’t proof that Christmas wishes can and do come true…then we don’t know what is!”

The center added that the many donations would be distributed among the other animals the center currently cares for.

“To all of the people who took the time to assist our cause, we now have a lot of animals who’ll all have full stomachs on Christmas Eve, and awake to an array of brand-new toys during Christmas Day and that’s all because of you,” they added.

“You are all so amazing and we are grateful for your help beyond what words could ever express.”

You can donate to the RSPCA anytime and provide them with their much needed support.

Editorial Note: How sad it is that some people are so evil and simply don’t care about animal welfare, it begs the question would they do it to another human being? Find more Cat News Stories.

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