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About The Cats

Here at Trinity Lodge, we are committed to providing our Bengal Cats with the best homes possible. We’ll ask questions before we sell you a Bengal Kitten to to ensure you are ready to look after one and that ensures that they have the best start in life.

Because we treat our family pets with the utmost care and simply want that love to continue for them when they leave us, we are family-run hobbyist breeders and don’t hold back on our love for these furry felines. We are not a profitable entity, and any excess funds go straight back into caring and providing for our pets; our Bengal Cat Price reflects this.

  • We are based in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

  • Have been looking after cats for over 15 years and are truly dedicated to the Bengal Breeds.

  • Non Profit & any excess funds are re-invested into our family pets care plans. We always ensure our babies go to good homes.

  • You will be hard-pressed to find better Pedigree Kittens from this type of environment on classified sites.

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Hobbyist Bengal Breeder

The Bengal


He Bengal cat originates from the United States of America and is a hybrid cat which has been mated with the spotted Egyptian Mau and the Asian leopard cat. These cats are the only domestic breed of cat that has very distinctive and beautiful rosette markings. They are average to large-sized and display a very sleek and muscular physique. Generally speaking, Bengal cats are often larger than most house cats and very agile. The Bengal cat was genetically developed as a wild-looking cat with a domestic disposition and fitted in nicely with a family. Bengals do have their ancestry Wild DNA, which makes them awesome and fun!

Bengals are also excellent climbers, and our cats show unbelievable agility and nerve when exploring around the house and outside in our Catio. Worryingly, the higher and more daunting, the better it is for our Bengal Cats here at Trinity Lodge.

10 Cat Facts

Courtesy of Kitten Life

They Love Water

The threat of getting wet for most cats causes them real distress and makes them bolt for the door; however, the Bengal cat absolutely loves the water. From the very early stages of Kitten grey bengal cartoon characterLife, they are adapted to playing with water, and they would always prefer to drink from the tap if given a choice. Some of ours even follow us into the shower at times just to splash around and have FUN! If you prefer privacy when bathing, make sure to close your door. These cats like water because of the Asian Leopard Cat genes that they share.

Lazy Nope !

Bengal Cats are not typical domesticated felines; they need lots of fuss and attention. Because they are very smart, they will need lots of attention and toys to keep them occupied. At Trinity Lodge, you will get a FREE Kitten Pack if you purchase a Bengal kitten from us; this will definitely include some toys!
It is very important to find them good puzzle-type toys; we are not talking about a plain old stuffed mouse; nope, they require stimulation. Also, more cartoon bengal cats happy faceimportantly, the cats require interaction from you every day too. They can even learn to retrieve a ball when you spend lots of time with them. All our Cats carry the Glitter Gene here at Trinity Lodge and look incredible in the sunshine. In fact, photos do not do them justice seeing is believing with this one, their coats just sparkle.

Cats Do Talk

They are very vocal and can be loud and annoying; if they want something, you just have to help them, and otherwise, they will not stop asking!

A Bengal cat will definitely let you know when it’s time to eat or time to play. Just make sure you know this trait before buying one; having said that, we have lots here, and we love them to talk to us.

Ours are extremely affectionate because they are raised in a loving environment from an early age. This is so important for socialization and makes them easily trainable as a result. They learn from their human owners, so be careful what they see you do; that’s all I am saying with this one!

Shedding & Grooming

Bengal Cats have short to medium length coat, and it is quite dense. Also, it is very soft to the touch, almost like silk, and I would go as far as to say it feels luxurious to touch, like no other cat’s coat I have ever seen before.

They need to be groomed on a regular basis to make sure their coats are kept in good condition. I would say that these types of cats are also a hypoallergenic breed to a certain point .

They would be far less likely to cause an allergic reaction. This is because they produce lower levels of allergens than most cats normally do. So, all in all, I think the Bengal Cat is one of the best house pets you could ever wish for. We know this because we have all our Bengals inside and outside the house, and they are wonderful!