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Welcome to our ‘Bengal Kittens For Sale Page’. On this page, you will find links to all our past and present Cat litter’s and also any Fostered Cats we may want Re-homing. We treat each Bengal kitten for sale as an individual Pet and we even provide individual booklet character write-ups for each one.

This personal approach to advertising is very important to us. It also helps you make a better decision when purchasing that special pet.

You will be able to see a short write-up on their characteristics, what food they are eating and how they interact with each other. We will provide some photos here but you can always visit our Instagram page for the latest updates. All our Kittens are listed at the bottom of this page, our personal favourites are the Brown Bengal Kittens but that is just a personal preference! We generally have a wide range of colours available but for some reason lately, our queens are having lots of charcoal Bengals and Silver Bengals.

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Bengal Kittens For Sale UK – Photo Gallery

We do try to provide the Best Pedigrees on the internet but we also fully understand that sometimes you have a specific colour in mind. That’s understandable, so if any of our litters do n iot catch your eyes then keep checking back because we will have other litters coming throughout the year.

What is the Temperament of  a Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cats Personality with other cats if very good, in fact they will easily get along well with other cats and family dogs without any fuss. But as with domestic cats early socialization is necessary to ensure they have a good start socially. If this is skipped for whatever reason then the pet will be totally different towards other people and animals.

Our Promise: We are ethical, caring, and dedicated to raising healthy Bengal Cats. These qualities are hard to come by when you are searching around the internet. We have joined up with the cat associations Code Of Ethics and we will abide by this for every sale we make.

Voluntary Code Of Ethics

Breeders code of ethics certificate

TICA is the largest registering service for purebred cats. It is located in the USA. The organisation has a voluntary code of ethics for its breeders.

In order to sign the code, the breeder must be a member in good standing with the organization and must agree to breed professionally and ethically. We are aslo fully registered with an active TICA Cattery Membership.

Cattery Membership

Tica Registration Certificate

Our Cattery is well known within the breeding world here in the United Kingdom. This certificate gives you peace of mind, knowing that we follow all the Bengal Cat breeding regulations whilst still maintaining a personal approach as a private hobbyist breeder.

We only provide kittens for sale in the United Kingdom though so please don’t ask us to ship internationally. Some others do this but we opted to sell within the UK only. Not only that but we prefer to meet our buyers in person.

Buy The Best Bengals

We fully understand that buying one of these breeds can be difficult and that you need to be reassured of the characteristics they will display when you get one home.

Please do not think that these are super Wild pets because they are not, the differences are quite subtle in comparison to a real tiger!

You will most probably understand them a lot more when you have one living with you 24Hrs a day.

They are louder and more vocal, but not all are like this, it’s a 50 x 50 split whether yours will be vocal or not.

Boys tend to be more loyal and vocal than girls in our experience and when we have any for sale these are the ones which generally go first.

Making The Right Choice

We want to make sure that you make the right choice for you and your family. That’s why we invite you to come and visit us to see our bengals in in our cattery in person anytime you please.

Or you can simply keep your eyes peeled on here and message us when your ready or see something that you like.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Just because we sell Bengal Kittens at the lowest prices that does not mean we do not deliver on the quality aspect.

This is quite the opposite, we are not profit-driven and as a family have worked hard to develop our Pedigree bloodlines regarding this breed. We remain fully hobbyists and do not breed for profits or commercial purposes at all.

The only disadvantage to this is that we do not have Bengal kittens for sale all the time like some other breeders do. Most of our buyers have been very, very happy to wait a short while to find the perfect match for them.

We have been told on lots of occasions that they were so glad they had waited to buy from us.

Simply put they stated it was ‘worth the wait’ – they reaped the rewards tenfold afterwards by having a cat which was perfect for them.

Kittens For Sale

Some Sociable Points

You’ll find that this breed will be happy to play fetch all day long, we bet you will get bored before they do! If you have the energy and time, you will be surprised just how much they will learn from you.

They are also renowned for their hereditary temperaments and incredible personalities. The leopard-like markings on their coat and faces make them a unique breed and sometimes scary to look at!

Good Household Cats

Our cats make great pets for any household and love interacting with people. You can even teach a Bengal tricks using clicker training.

This does take time and patience to do but is very enjoyable and is a great way to bond with your new friend.

We must also let you know that they love the water and may even follow you into the shower or jump into the bathtub. If you plan to buy one of ours, keep all this in mind.

We would like you to meet our pets and see exactly how colourful, exotic & wild looking they are: See our Pedigree Bengal Cats