Domesticated Cats

Find more information on the domesticated cat breed, fascinating facts and ideas to help you look after your cat.

  • Where did the Cat Come from in the first place?
  • How long have they been domesticated?
  • What and how many breeds are they now?

Find out this and more cat news stories/articles and enjoy your furry friends’ tales from the past and present.

Cats And Dogs

The best cat food for a less smelly cat is the kind that contains quality ingredients. The ingredients must be easy to digest and free from allergens. It should also contain species-appropriate ingredients, such as animal-derived fat....

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Cat Facts

In 1988, Ben Rea, a British antique dealer, died. His cat Blackie was so beloved that he even shared his mansion with his other 15 cats.....

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Cat Behaviour

Some Cats are more nervous and timid than others. This might be from when they were Kittens or just genetics. Cat therapy is designed to encourage calm....

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