Bengal Cat Colours

Learn about all the different types of Bengal cat colours, patterns, and characteristics of the Bengal Cat breed. There are so many different types of amazing colours and patterns find out more here.

Snow Bengal Cat

There is a notable distinction between this coat hue and the snow seal mink Bengal cats. The basic coat of this cat is ivory, cream, or light brown, but it has green or gold eyes....

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Blue and Melanistic Bengal Cats

All-black Melanistic cats (a, an agouti gene) look like the black panther because of their dark spots and stripes on an all-black background.....

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Silver Bengal Cats

As you can tell these cats should be easy to tell apart! If you have convinced yourself on buying on then head on over to our kitten page!. I really believe that this is....

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Brown Bengal cats

Bengal cats come in a wide range of colours, just like other breeds. The International Cat Association classifies Bengal cats into standard and non-standard, with....

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Bengal Cat Coat Patterns

Monochrome spots are referred to as “Single-Spotted.” patterns. Like wild cats like Cheetahs or non-hybrid spotted cats, it has solid spots scattered in droplets on....

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Charcoal Bengal Colour

The Charcoal Bengal is found in all colours, including browns, silvers, snows (like lynx charcoal, mink charcoal, and sepia charcoal), and even blues....

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