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Snow Bengal Cat

Snow Bengal Cats Snow Bengals are the product of breeding a Domesticated Cat with an Asian Leopard Cat, just as any other Bengal, a snow Bengal included. A small percentage of Bengal kittens are born with the albino recessive gene. Their

Bengal Cat Health

Weight Problems There are a few possible reasons why your Bengal cat may be overweight or underweight when it's a full-grown adult. Overfeeding or underfeeding could be to blame. Overfeeding a cat is quite easy to do. In 2014, research indicated

Bengal Cats Size

So How Big ? In the end, nutrition has a significant impact on your feline pet's size and growth rate. The average full-grown Bengal cat has some unique characteristics, which we'll discuss below. You now have a Bengal kitten, and

Silver Bengal Cats

Silver Bengal Cats It's more of a loss of colour to be called “silver” (I, i or I, I inhibitor genes). This gene prevents the dog from developing any warm colours, leaving just dramatic dark markings on its white

Brown Bengal cats

Brown Bengal Cats Bengal cats come in a wide range of colours, just like other breeds. The International Cat Association classifies Bengal cats into standard and non-standard, with around six different shades of orange (TICA). Bengal cat's standard colours are as

Charcoal Bengal Colour

Bengal Cat Varieties You can't go wrong with Bengal kitties! They are not only attractive, but they are domestic cats that look like large cats that roam the wilderness. All Bengal breeders agree pedigreed or not, all domestic cats come