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Bengal Cat Breeders Directory

Welcome to our Online Bengal Cat Breeders Directory which is a FREE open Directory for all Responsible Bengal Cat Breeders who are outside of the United Kingdom.

If you want to be added to our growing Online Directory simply Email us stating your Cattery Name, Website, and a brief Summary of your Business as you see below and we will add you to the page.

We are happy to pass on customers who land on our page if they are from other countries as we do not send our Beautiful Bengal Kittens on long road trips across the Pond!

  • All Listings must be registered with the GCCF or TICA
  • Be located outside the United Kingdom
  • Have a website presence for a Link Back

  • Optional – Provide an Email Address for your Directory

  • To add your Free Listing Email Us

USA Bengal Cat Breeders

EUROPEAN Bengal Cat Breeders

AUSTRALIAN Bengal Cat Breeders

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