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The History Of This Special Cat

The Bengal Cat is a breed of cat that was created in the late 20th century in the USA. It is a hybrid breed that developed from a cross between the Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic house cat. Their physical wild appearance and traits are largely similar to their wild ancestor. They are known for their beauty and strength.

Sociable Pets
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Marking and Colours

Coat markings come in a variety of patterns, from spotted to marbled. They can have various eye colours as well. Their eyes can be green, golden, blue or honey-coloured. But most Bengals have green eyes, while others have an amazing sparkle on the hair tips known as the ‘Glitter Gene’ which sets them apart from other cats.

There are also a few uncommon colours. A few breeders have intentionally introduced chocolate and red into the Bengal breed. These markings can be very hard to distinguish, especially in the kitten stage. Generally, they do not have long hair at all, although some special breeds called Cashmere do.

Another colouring is called seal mink. This occurs when a Bengal has two Seal Sepia genes. It is the only colour that has a clear ice-blue eye colour. However, Bengals with this colouring are usually born with faint markings.

Loving Outdoors Inside
cat coat colours in the sunshine

Other wild cat colours include smoke, which resembles melanistic Bengals. These cats have a white undercoat and a black-tipped tail. Occasionally, smoke Bengals can also have a masking layer over their coat.

Spotted ones resemble leopard cats and have dark spots on a light base coat. Some spotted Bengals also have a paw print rosette. This is a rosette with small darker spots on its sides.

Marbled types are a striking and unique-looking type of Wild Cat. Marbled cats are characterized by random swirls, stripes, or a flowing pattern. They come in a variety of sizes and variations.

A few are melanistic, having a jet-black panther-like appearance. Others are snow-like, with sepia markings. In some cases, these have a white base coat with brown or green eyes making them a favourite choice amongst cat lovers because they stand out from other domestic cats.

One very rare colouring is a paw-printed rosette one. This rosette resembles a tiny paw print on the back of the cat.

These Cats Love Trees
wild Cat stalking something in a tree

Special Breeds

The Bengal Cat is an unusual blend of strength and elegance. It is often exempt from lists of exotic cat breeds. Many of its bloodlines trace their heritage to Dr Willard Centerwall, a medical geneticist who was interested in the Asian Leopard Cat. He worked on a breeding program with a woman called Jean Mill. This animal takes its name from the Asian leopard cat’s scientific name, Felis bengalensis.

Jean Mill began breeding the Bengal cat in the early 1960s. She bred an orange short-haired domestic male cat with a spotted brown tabby female. Her goal was to produce a pet cat that resembled a miniature leopard.

Domestic Cats – Introduced To The UK

Bengals are a very popular breed today. They have become a popular choice among new owners of domestic cats. After gaining full recognition from the association in 1991, they were introduced to the UK.


Hiding in a Tree
a Cat Sat In A Tree

One of the best things about having a Bengal domestic cat is that they’re the Rolls Royce of the Catworld and are Super Fun. This Breed is a very energetic and active cat. They are very social, curious and intelligent. This makes them an ideal choice for families with children.

It’s no wonder that many pet owners choose a Bengal Cat as a pet. Not only are they loyal and loving, but they also have a wild side and many people find Wild Cats interesting. They are the closest you can get to having a leopard and they won’t wreck your home either. (Providing you keep them entertained)

Asian Leopard Cat Instincts

While they are extremely loving, they can also be naughty. They are known to be avid thieves. If you have small pets, they might try to steal them.

Some are very loud and chattery. They can be very vocal if they feel they have not been getting the attention they deserve. These cats love water. Many will play in the shower or sink. However, be careful not to allow them to take a bath. So, keep them away from the fish tanks for sure!

Climbing Skills

Loving Outdoor Environments
cat tree stump

Since these cats love to climb and jump, they need plenty of space to do so. A tall cat tree and a cat tower are both great options. It is important to also provide plenty of toys.

Stealing Toys

They always stashed their toys in concealed areas this is very common. In addition, it is common for them to try and bury their surplus food in fact most do this for some reason. It is often though that there are two possibilities why this happens:

  • To prevent others from stealing their food.
  • To hide the scent from bigger predators to prevent them from snooping around looking for scraps.

Intelligent Domestic

Bengal Cats Love Hunting Wildlife
hunting cat

Play Games: They are also extremely intelligent. They have been known to learn alsorts of strange and wonderful tricks. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can train yours to do lots of neat things including playing fetch and so on they will learn a lot more than any other domestic cats ever will.

You’ll need to be active if you want to keep your pet happy and healthy. This is especially true if you have kids. Their energy will feed off of your family home environment and as a result, point them in that direction, they have a similar pack mentality as leopards do in the wild.

Despite their wildness, they’re still very sociable. Many have a tendency to pick a family member as their favourite. That’s like the wild pack Behaviour displayed in Africa with the pack leaders.

Getting to know your cat’s personality takes some work and a little patience. But it’s worth the effort. You’ll be rewarded in the long run. To make the most of their intelligence, you’ll want to give them the right kind of attention. Be aware that this means spending more time with your them, but it also means that you’ll have a much better experience overall.

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If you have one of these cats, then you need to know about the health risks that they may face. Although they are generally healthy, there are several illnesses that they can suffer from. A healthy Bengal can live for many years. But, like any other breed, they can suffer from certain health issues throughout their lives.

Bengal Cat Breed

One of the most common illnesses in cats is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). The disease is characterized by the enlarged heart muscle, making it more likely to suffer from congestive heart failure. While there are no treatments for HCM, controlling the rate of heart can help alleviate the symptoms.

Eye Conditions: Another disease that Bengal cats can have is Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). This is a degenerative eye disease that causes deterioration of the cat’s retinas. It can also lead to blindness.


As with all animals, this type needs proper nutrition to stay healthy. A high protein diet can help maintain muscle mass and energy levels. You can find commercial food that will provide these nutrients.

Bengal Cat - Asian Leopard Cat
asian leopard cats linked to the domestic cat

Domestic Cat Sizes

The average weight is around 8-15 pounds. Depending on the type of domestic female cat used in the breeding process with the Wild Leopard, the size may vary.

A male will usually be heavier than a female. Some of the larger males can weigh as much as twenty pounds While the size of this animal is typically not exceptionally large, the breed does have a relatively long body and a thick tail. Its ears are typically small to medium sized and should be set far apart and quite pointy. This makes it look bigger than it actually is, especially when viewing from a distance.

When it comes to the size, the most important thing to know is that it will not reach its full potential without the right nutrients. You can help a Bengal kitten grow to its full potential by feeding it the proper amount of food and providing plenty of space and exercise.

Wild Asian Leopard Cat Look-alike
these cat breeds are from wild asian leopards

Breed Questions

Where Do Bengal Cats Come From

They are an exotic breed which was created by cross-breeding the Asian leopard wild cats with a domesticated cat back in the 1960’s by Breeder Jean Mill from the USA. They were introduced to UK way back in 1991 by the international cat association.

Do Bengals Like Water

Yes, Bengal Cats love water, they will happily fish in water just like their ancestors would. The tend not to drink from a saucer though and most if not all like drinking from fresh sources like a running tap given the choice.

Are They Good Hunters

If you’re a cat enthusiast, you’re probably wondering whether or not they are good hunters. The answer is yes, but only in the context of your local wildlife. They will happily hunt down birds, rodents and even large backyard Chickens if you give them half the chance!

Are Bengal Cats Legal to Own

Yes, here in the UK all generations are Legal to own, but NO in New York, Hawaii and Australia F1’s to F4’s are illegal to own but you can have an F5. A point to note on Australia is that they do not allow any type of Savannah Cat in regardless of its generation.

What’s so special about these animals

If you saw one for the very first time in your home unexpectedly, then you would be forgiven for thinking it was a real wild mini jungle leopard. It’s because this magnificent Cat Breed has coat markings unlike any other house cat out there. The markings are very similar to an Ocelot or wild leopard.

An Ocelot Wild Cat
Ocelot wild cat breed

Are Bengal Cats Good House Pets

From a young age, they are typically kept in cages and are quickly trained to use litter boxes. As with other breeds of cats will want to maintain their home spaces tidy. Be aware that if you have a male that is not neutered, it will begin spraying all over the place to release its scent. Homeowners will appreciate the lack of hairs shed by these cats.

You don’t have to keep cleaning the cat’s hair off of the carpet or furniture. This makes them an excellent option for those suffering from allergies too.

Pedigree - Silver Bengal Cat

silver bengal kitten

We hope you found this article useful and informative. We have lots of experience in this area and breed Bengal Cats as a hobby. To find out more about the actual costs of keeping a Bengal cat read our recent article – How Much Does a Bengal Cat Cost in 2023

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