Our Sire Kamsu is the most loving Bengal cat you could ever want; he has unbelievable grey/charcoal markings and stands very proud above the rest! He has partnered up with the fabulous Dam: Nefertiti is one of our females who is a fantastic Brown Glitter Girl with the most distinctive markings; imagine what these two lovebirds will bring into the world.

We understand fully that sometimes you have a specific colour in mind. That’s understandable, so if this litter is not to your taste, we will have a Bengal Cat For Sale, which is perfect for you at some point. Don’t hesitate to contact us to be placed on the Kitten waiting list.

We Have Kittens For Sale !

We have 2 Kittens left for sale. They were born on 10/07/2022, One cute baby is a fantastic Silver Girl, and the other is a marvellous loving Charcoal Boy. He is so much like his father. Check out our Instagram feed for sneak peeks!

KITTEN UPDATE: The Boy and Girl will be ready to leave on November 21st Onwards, they will have had all vaccines Neutered, Micro Chipped and De-Wormed, ready for their loving homes.

KITTEN UPDATE: Only One Charcoal Boy left, contact us to reserve him today! All the rest have gone to loving homes around the UK.

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Father Kamsu

  • From: Bengallegacy Ebony Printz

  • Name: Kamsu DOB: 04/05/2021

  • Sire: Garradekato imos Blues

  • Dam: Blue Simone Of Bengallegacy


bengal kittens for sale

Mother Nerfertiti

  • From: Trinity Lodge Bengals
  • Name: Nefertiti DOB: 13/06/2021

  • Sire: Noah Greystones

  • Dam: Tiggy Greystones


  • DUE DATE FOR LITTER: 10th July 2022

Kamsu – Father

beautiful red and brown leopard Bengal cat
charcoal bengal stud from trinity lodge bengals uk

Nefertitti – Mother

red bengal girl from trinity lodge bengals uk

Kitten Information

We fully understand that buying a Bengal kitten can be difficult and that you need to be reassured of the characteristics of this breed. They will typically live for around 15Yrs plus. We want to make sure that you make the right choice for you and your family. That’s why we invite you to come and visit us to see our Cats and Kittens in person anytime.

brown Bengal cat drinking water from a bowl

Healthy Cats

As we have mentioned before the best way to find a healthy, happy Bengal kitten is to seek out a reputable breeder. Be sure to look beyond classified ads and avoid backyard breeders and scams. There are plenty of ethical and reputable breeders like us who care deeply about the health of their Bengal kittens on the net.

They are also renowned for their hereditary temperaments and incredible personalities. The leopard-like markings on their coat and faces make them a unique breed. These cats make great pets for any household and love interacting with people.


They will play fetch and chase all day long and are known to learn tricks quickly. If you have the energy and time, you will be surprised just how much they will learn from you.

You can even teach your Bengal cat tricks using clicker training. We must also let you know that these cats love the water and may even follow you into the shower or jump into the bathtub. If you plan to buy one of our cats, keep all this in mind. If you like any of the Kittens we have on sale above, or want to be placed on a waiting list for when we have a Bengal kitten for sale then contact us using the Green Message Icon at the bottom of this screen, and we will get back to you straight away.