Bengal Kittens

Bengal kittens

Bengal Kitten – What To Consider Before Buying One

Bengal Kittens are known to be highly active, athletic, and curious. They will jump on anything, climb anywhere, and get into anything and everything. This makes them perfect pets. But be aware these kittens also tend to be a lot of work! Here are some things to remember if you’re planning to adopt a Bengal kitten. Another important aspect in making a decision would be the price you’d pay for one of these amazing pets.

Baby Bengals

If you are considering buying a Bengal kitten, it’s essential to know the basics about caring for them. This cat has a short luxurious coat. Bengals are highly active and intelligent cats. They love to climb and play. You’ll likely find them at your feet and in your lap.

They also enjoy playing fetch and taking walks with you. This cat is best suited for homes with older children, but they can tolerate a toddler as long as they have a safe way out.

Bengal kittens in a circle

The Various Colours Of Bengals

Colours can vary significantly from one another. Some of the more common ones are the spotted and marbled varieties. Marbled Bengals are not as typical as spotted Bengals, but they still have their distinct looks. Marbled Bengals took almost two years to appear. The TICA uses slightly different colour classifications than the GCCF, using terms like sepia and mink. Nevertheless, the general colour of a Bengal cat is brown, with some shades of silver and blue. In the UK, Bengals have similar colours as their counterparts in the USA.

Some rare colours Bengal cats produce are shown or used for breeding purposes. GCCF and TICA recognise two primary colours and two main patterns. These are solid and spotted, and you may be able to find a solid cat with these colours if you are lucky. Compared to other Bengal breeds, snow seal mink Bengals are much lighter in colour. They are born with white coats but develop a dark pattern as they grow. These cats have blue eyes.

The Cats Development

Bengal kittens go through some unique development stages in their early years.

At two months old, they start exploring their environment. They are confident enough to go to another room in the house by themselves and develop their hunting skills if you let them go outside. At this stage they have excellent hearing and can regulate their body temperature so don’t need their mums warmth on tap anymore (time to explore!). These kittens are very active, so it’s essential to pay attention to their development and ensure they get the nutrition they need to support this.

They can come in many colours, including black, white, silver, and blue. However, it’s impossible to predict which colour will end up being the final result of breeding. The final colour of the kitten will depend on the parents’ genetics we will leave topic that for the breeders.

cute Bengal kitten

The Eye Colours

Bengal cats are renowned for their beautiful coats and striking eye colours. Their range of eye colours can vary from icy blue to bright green. But if you want an icy blue eyed cat, it is best to get on of the Snow varieties, as they are naturally born with this eye colour.

Playing Around

You’ll be amazed at how much fun they can have. It is vital to ensure your baby gets plenty of playtimes, so they grow up to be well-balanced cats. Watching Bengal kittens play is an essential part of cat care and they love to play with water.

Bengal cats are gregarious and intelligent. They will generally have a favourite family member and love playing with children and other pets. However, they require a lot of interaction and may even cause damage to household items if left bored and unattended. It’s best to get a kitten that is familiar with other cats and has been well-socialised before you bring it home.


Most Bengals reach adult size in two to three years, but some may take longer to reach this milestone.

Bengal cats are medium-sized and weigh anywhere from eight to eighteen pounds at full maturity. However, they tend to look larger than they are. Female Bengals weigh about 6-9 pounds, while males can reach 13 pounds or more. The added weight comes from a thicker bone structure and more muscle.

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