Blue and Melanistic Bengal Cats

blue and melanistic bengal cat

Blue Bengal Cats

Although the blue Bengal is extremely rare, a few breeders are working hard to bring it to championship status. The coat of a blue Bengal cat is powder blue or grey with cream undertones.

Dark blue or metal grey is the predominant hue for the splotchy or marbled design. A blue Bengal cat can only be conceived if both parents contain the blue recessive gene.

In addition, the Blue Bengals have the following features:

  • The ground colour is a steely blue.
  • Undertones of peach
  • Never-to-turn-black blue marks
  • The end of the tail has a dark grey tip.
  • Hazel, greenish-blue, or greenish-yellow eyes

The Melanistic Types

All-black Melanistic cats (a, an agouti gene) look like the black panther because of their dark spots and stripes on an all-black background.

A Melanistic Bengal’s background and pattern share the same hue. Because they are so faint, their patterns are referred to as “ghost marks” or “ghost spots.” However, the pattern is still discernible in broad daylight, just as it would be on a black panther.

Because the groups do not accept black Bengals, they are scarce and less popular among breeders. The patches, which can range in colour from a dim dark brown to black, can only be visible under direct sunlight in some cases.

A smoke Bengal is melanistic that has turned Silver. It’s the ideal colour of Bengal if you want a tiny black panther! Patina and ticking are two distinct features that Bengal cats can have. Black or dark-tipped hairs on your cat’s coat give it a patina. This blurring will be seen from the cat’s shoulders to its tail. Wikipedia on Bengal Cats.

The lack of contrast in your cat’s fur causes ticking, which makes your cat’s fur appear blurry and pixelated. Multi-coloured hair shafts give the fur a “faded” appearance.

The fur on these cats isn’t as vibrant.

Glitter Glamour Bengal Cats

It’s a no-brainer: glitter is your golden ticket.

As the first domestic cat species to possess glitter, not all Bengals are endowed with the characteristic. Your cat’s coat shimmers and sparkles because of the glitter. Even in low light, you’ll see the Bengal’s glittery brilliance. We love these types of coats, which are just adorable and amazing to look at.

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