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Nail Trimming Safely at Home

Trimming Nails

Here at our cattery, we trim all our Bengal Cats Nails. At first, you might find this a little daunting, but don’t let your nerves get the better of you. You can do this! Clip your cat and save yourself some money at the same time.

When trimming your cat’s nails, you will ensure it remains a healthy and happy cat. The secret to successfully trimming your cat’s nails is to always be gentle but firm during the process. Confidently hold your cat, but at the same time try to use minimal restraint/force.

Unlike dogs, Bengal Cats do not like to be pinned down against their will, so hold gently but firmly. If you felt it necessary, you could also wear some protective gloves.

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The Cat’s Nail

We would always recommend that you get the cat relaxed before you trim your cat’s nails, this may take some time just petting him and gaining his confidence. Start by de-sensitizing your cat’s paw by gently touching these frequently, getting him used to being stroked around that area.

Make sure you have some really good Nail Clippers to hand ready. Don’t skimp on the quality of these either. Most cats will be OK when their paws are handled, providing they are relaxed and not feeling anxious. It is also more likely that Older Cats which have not experienced this will be harder to break in.

Just work at this tactic on a regular basis, it’s very similar to wearing a cat harness slow and steady wins the race.

A Cat Having His Nails Trimmed
cat nail clipping

Provide Treats

You can also get out some treats for them to nibble on whilst you’re warming them up for the trim. Remember, this process will get easier as time goes on.

Your cat will be letting you do this on his own accord at a later date if you start off on the right footing. We would recommend doing this phase a few times a week to get him used to this and let him see the scissors to realise they are not harmful.

A Trimmed Cat's Claw Close Up
More Than One Nail - Retractable Claws

You can also get out some treats for them to nibble on whilst you’re warming them up for the trim. Remember, this process will get easier as time goes on.

Your cat will be letting you do this on his own accord at a later date if you start off on the right footing. We would recommend doing this phase a few times a week to get him used to this and let him see the scissors to realise they are not harmful.

Do it Frequently

If you do it a couple of times a day over a week, eventually the cat sees that nothing bad happens. You see, doing this will ensure your cat gets used to having his nails exposed and understands nothing bad happens.

When you are confident that your cat is sitting comfortably and is used to this method, it’s time to start clipping his nails.

Let the cat sit on your lap, we sometimes use two people, one to clip the nails and the other to pet them and reassure them, holding them gently.

A Cat Having His Nails Trimmed
Kitty's Claws

Position Is Key

If your Bengal cat doesn’t like sitting on your lap, then simply place him on a table-top at a convenient height to suit you. Put some treats down on the table to distract them. Then have another person distracting them, petting them and gently holding, if necessary.

FRONT PAWS: Bengal’s cats have four claws on each front paw, along with what’s called a ‘Draw Claw’ which is located higher up on the inside of the paw.

You will find that the cat’s back paws have four claws, but do not have any Draw Clays attached. Some cats can have an extra toe, this is called polydactyl, just be mindful to check for this possibility.

Cat’s Claws

Just like a human finger nail, a Bengal cat’s nail is made of keratin. This is a hard protein. You will find that a vein called ‘The Quick’ will run down the centre of each nail, irrespective of which paw.

This vein is filled with nerve endings, so you do not want to cut into it. Cutting the quick hurts and causes the nail to bleed, sometimes a lot. Just like it would a human if you cut too deep, not nice at all!

Nail Clipping is Essential
Trim Cats Nails Every Week

Cat’s Nails and the ‘Quick’

Most Bengal cats have clear nails, so it’s easy to see ‘The Quick’ vein inside. This will show up as a pinkish line running down the nail to the tip. This will stop before the very end of the tip. At the very end, you will see that it is a more white solid nail (less transparent). This is where you want to trim it to avoid hurting the cat.

When trimming your cat’s nails don’t trim right up to ‘The Quick’ vein, make sure you leave a space in case your cat moves, or you misjudge. You want to clip just the tip of the nail, If you have any doubts, simply clipless in this case less is best!

If you accidentally cut into the quick when trimming your cat’s nails, he most probably will howl in pain and the nail will start bleeding, but it is a minor injury.

Do not worry too much and move on, the experience will prevail, and you’ll be clipping confidently in no time at all! Get yourself a cat grooming bag too to put all your tools in.

Common Nail Cutting Questions

How Often is Cat Nail Clipping Necessary ?

Answer: Trim your cat’s nails every 10 to 14 Days, this is dependant on whether they are outside cats or not. If they are outside or have a good scratch post to use then it will be slightly longer in between nail trims.

What Happens if You Don’t Cut Your Cat’s Nail?

Answer: They will grow at a curved angle and which will eventually lead to the claw actually piercing the cat’s paw pad, this will then cause sever discomfort and even get infected if left untreated.

Sharp Claws Are Not Safe
Sharp Cat Claws

Is it Cruel to Cut Your Cat’s Nails?

Answer: No it is not cruel at all to carry out Cat Nail Clipping, especially if your pet cannot grind their toe nails down naturally themselves like they would outdoors in the wilderness.

Is it Necessary to Trim Your Cat’s Nails?

Answer: Definitely Yes if the cat cannot go outside and naturally grind the nail tips down, monitoring with a view to regular trimming is the best way forward for any situation.

Does it Hurt to Cut Cat Nails?

Not at all unless you cut too deep down the nail and hit the ‘Quick’ blood supply vein. It’s just like a human nail with the exact same pain principles.

Is it Better to Clip or File Cat Nails?

Answer: Clip them only do not file them unless you are a qualified vet and have reason to file them.

Can I Clip My Cat Nails Myself?

Answer: Definitely Yes of course you can clip them yourself, just make sure that you follow the guidelines and also get your cat used to this activity. It will get easier the more times you do it for both of you.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Cat’s Claws Trimmed?

Answer: Costs in the UK are between £10 and £24 as of 2023.

How do You Trim a Cat’s Nail if They Won’t Let You?

Answer: Persuasion and lots of cuddles to give the cat confidence, some cats will never let you do this easily but most will be happy to do it given time.

Use a towel wrapped around the cat to protect your legs and also use some gloves which are quite nimble to allow your hands to do the work but also scratch resistant. Cat treats also work sometime too. cat nails cut your cat’s nails grow

What is The Easiest Way to Trim a Cat’s Nails?

Answer: Place him on your knee and sit in a chair, use towels and gloves if neccesary.Get someone to assist if possible but also do it when the cat is least anxious and is comfortable.

Look After The Cats

Looking After Cats

Here at Trinity Lodge Bengal’s, we clip our cat’s nails every 10 to 14 days. Remember there are no set rights or wrongs, as long as you get the basics right you will adapt your own technique which works best for you.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are interested in purchasing a Bengal Kitten from us, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We have many other helpful Bengal Cat articles on our Bengal Cat Blog for you to read. We try to provide a learning environment for all cat owners here on our website.

Head over to our article about feeding your Bengal Cat Diet. it will save you a lot of money, and you will see just how good it really is to feed your cat’s raw food.

Find out more about trimming your cats nails with illustrative pictures attached on this external page.

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