How Much Does a Bengal Cat Cost 2023

how much does a Bengal cat cost - Bengal kittens playing with toys

How Much Does a Bengal Cat Cost

Buying a cat is an investment, so you want to know how much you will have to pay for your new best friend. The best way to avoid the pitfalls is to research the breeders before purchasing.

This includes reading past customer reviews, asking the right questions, visiting their facilities, and viewing their breeding surroundings, including outdoor enclosures.

So what exactly are the Bengal Cat Costs – Let’s find out this and lots more below.

The average cost of buying a Bengal Cat in the UK is between £700 and £1300.

There are prices below this range, which can easily be found on classified sites. Still, these are generally not from chartered breeders registered with organisations such as the GCCF or TICA.

Bengal Cat Costs 2023
bengal cat costs chart 2023

The Impact Factors

This is for the Bengal Kitten Price, you will find older cats are roughly around 50% cheaper, the older they get the cheaper they are because there sale-ability is greatly reduced.

Also, the price will depend on the breeding rights of the cat. This price is for a Pet Only and will have conditions, so you cannot breed them yourself. Some breeders neuter them, and some don’t, but for that price, you’d be expected to sign a Pet Only contract when you collect your Bengal Cat.

Colours & Markings

As a rule of thumb, a breeder will charge more for Wild Asian Leopard Cat markings.

If a cat has separated rosette markings that are well spaced out and, more importantly, run down the hind legs, you’ll pay more.

Because, more often than not, the spots don’t run down the back legs in such a defined manner, this makes them sought after.

In addition, you’ll find that this is the same for the center of the back. The thinner the line is, the more sought after they will be, which inevitably means they’ll sell for more. As a rule, a Brown Marbled Bengal Kitten will not fetch as much as a Silver Rosetted Bengal. The other colours are in between these two spectrums.

Different colours include sepia, snow, minx, brown, and melanistic black. The better the patterns equals a more expensive Bengal Cat Price.

Washed Out Rosette Markings

The Value Decreases

Breeders and Bengal Cats

Buying a Bengal Cat from an official Bengal cat breeder is fundamental in ensuring you get that ‘Wild Looking’ mini leopard you are after.

All pedigree cats typically come from breeders registered with the GCCF or TICA clubs. As mentioned above, you can get cheaper alternatives, but I would not buy one of those personally.

It is like choosing a top-of-the-range motor car but opting to have a low-cost budget engine fitted inside; that’s my analogy of this, anyway. You might think the kitten looks nice but is it a Real Bengal Cat Breed? Does it act like one? Why take the risk for a few pounds more?

Types Of Cat Associations

There are two main players for registering your pedigree cats, below is an overview of both organisations. Incidentally, it is worth noting that they both accept most domesticated cat breeds.

The International Cats Association

TICA, or The International Cat Association, is a non-profit organisation although it does charge for your paperwork and cetificates and also to advertise. It is the world’s largest registry for pedigreed household pet cats.

They also encourage cat owners to be active in their local community. Founded in Harlingen, Texas, USA, they organize hundreds of cat shows each year around the globe.

Pedigree Example -

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) is an association of 150 registered cat clubs throughout the United Kingdom. This is more tailored and geared to support you slightly better than Tica here in the UK. Does that matter to you? that is entirely based on your personal preferences.

It is responsible for registering pedigree cats, and cat shows in the UK. They deal with hundreds of registrations weekly and monitor cat shows to ensure they are fair.

The Bengal Cat Breeders can also elect to follow the official breeders’ codes of conduct. TICA offers one such certificate, which costs the breeder a small sum but shows they care about the animal’s welfare.

The GCCF also does something similar. Look out for the certificates on their websites and inside their catteries when you visit them. Or just ask them directly.

TICA Example - Code Of Ethics

Factors affecting the cost

There are things to consider when buying a Bengal Kitten. Most of these costs are associated with owning any domesticated cat. You’ll consider these expenses if you care enough about your pet cat.

We also suggest keeping your cat indoors but ensuring you have an outdoor Cat Enclosure available for them to use. This way they get the best of both worlds and remain safe.

As a bonus you’ll also find that they use the litter tray if it’s placed outside too so no more smells in the house!

Below is a fine example of an outdoor Cat space with a tunnel which leads to the house so the cats can come and go as they please.

Outdoor Enclosure For Cats
outdoor enclosure for cats

Question: Why is it that some cats stay out all day long, and you throw them a tin of food every now and again, don’t bother with anything else and they seem to live happily with this?

Answer: Yes, that’s true, but is that right for the cat? It might be lucky to have a long life and avoid all the nasty flu bugs and hazards a neglected outdoor cat must face daily.

I have been there and seen semi-strays be fine one day, then the next they end up under a truck or worse.

But it would have been better for that cat to know it was loved, cared for and protected when the need ever arose. That’s your call but I would much prefer to be the responsible owner and provide for my cat and keep it indoors too.

No one will ever criticise you if you decide to let your cat go outdoors that’s a very personal choice for you, but care for them in other ways regardless.

Take a further look below at the current Bengal Cat Costs 2022 which includes a list of the fundemental basics you’ll need to spend on your cat.

1 – Yearly Vaccinations

Before purchasing a Bengal Cat, ask your breeder if they have vaccinated them.

To protect your cat from serious illnesses and other health problems, you will need to pay an additional £45-£65 if your breeder has not done this for you. These are done every year.

Always Have Your Cat Vaccinated Yearly
bengal kitten having cat flu vaccination

2 – Worming Treatment

Flea and worming tablets are an essential treatment for Bengal kittens and cats. These tablets will protect your cat from worm infestations which can lead to profound health implications if left untreated.

We recommend Panacur Worming treatment, especially for Kittens because this comes in a syrup formula which is easier to adminsiter to young cats than tablet forms.

3 – Microchipping Your Cat

You will be encouraged to microchip your Bengal kitten when you bring it in for its first vet visit.

Microchipping your Bengal Cat involves placing a small electronic device under the skin. It is approximately the same size as a grain rice kernel. The process is painless for cats and only costs between £15 and £30.

Close Up Of A Microchip
close up of cat microchip

Microchipping cats is not required by law here in the UK, unlike microchipping dogs which is currently mandated.

We would suggest you get it done regardless because it will ensure that your pet is returned home to you in the event they are lost.

The legislation for Cats is due to change very shortly here in the UK and soon it will be illegal not to Microchip your cat.

So save yourslef the hassle and just do it straight away. It is painless and take 5 minutes from start to finish what is there to lose.

4 – Neutering Your Bengal Cat

If your Bengal cat is male or female, consider neutering them. Spaying is a procedure that prevents cats from having unwelcome litters later in their lives. It also normally stops male cats from spraying around your house too.

When a Bengal kitten turns four months old, neutering is a standard procedure. It has been proven to improve their behaviour.

It typically costs between £65 to £100 for female Bengal kittens and £45 to £75 for male Bengal Cats.

5 – Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is designed to reduce the financial burden of un-expected pet vet bills. If your cat is diagnosed with an illness or accident, it’s easy to submit a claim and get reimbursed. But what exactly is covered?

There are three main types of cat insurance – The first covers injuries. The second provides a one-off payment for emergency care. The third covers a variety of illnesses and conditions.

Choosing the best cat insurance policy depends on your budget, your cat’s needs, and how much coverage you want.

In most cases, it’s not worth paying for the most expensive plan. Luckily, there are many options out there.

The most basic plans are affordable and give you peace of mind. However, if your cat is elderly or has pre-existing conditions, you may not get the best deal.

6 – Which Litter Trays Are The Best

If you’re searching for a cat litter box, there are many different models to choose from. Before making a decision, it’s important to consider your pet’s needs and your budget.

For instance, a low-entry model is better suited for smaller cats, while a hooded one can help prevent odours. Hooded litter boxes also have a built-in charcoal filter, so you’re sure to keep messes contained. Another option is a self-cleaning litter box.

Open Cat Litter Tray

These can be pricey, but they’re a great way to get the odour under control. Plus, they’re a lot easier to clean than conventional litter boxes.

Hooded Cat Litter Tray

Besides odour control, many self-cleaning litter boxes have other handy features. For example, some are wifi-enabled, so you can monitor your cats’ usage and track the amount of litter they’ve used. You can also send alerts to your phone.

Other features include a lid that traps odours. Some are rounded, so they don’t stick in corners. Others have cutouts for easy entry. Generally, a hooded model is the most popular, but some are open. A basic Litter tray is relatively cheap at around £15 but can rise dependant on features upto approximately £50. For a wifi enabled robotic litter tray these cost a lot more and start from around £80 right upto £500.

7 – Are Kitten Toys Really necessary

Bengal cats are known for their passion for hunting. When calculating the cost of care, it is crucial to consider the price of cat toys and supplies for your Bengal cat. This will keep them happy and stimulated in your home.

You can find many different toys to entertain Bengal kittens. These may include scratching poles, play wands, battery toys, ball puzzle games, cat tunnels, or even an empty cardboard box or some cotton with foil tied to the end. I recommend this and another cat or dog to keep them entertained and happy. They like a busy household, so try to keep this thought in mind when providing for them.

We don’t think it is right to buy a Domesticated Cat if you work long hours and are out of the house most days.

This is just not fair on the cat at all, re-consider this if you work long hours and look at somethig else like a goldfish maybe? Joking apart keep this in mind.

Do Bengal Cats Make Good Pets

YES, they do make excellent pets. Bengal cats are intelligent, loving, playful, and very loyal pets.

Bengal cats can be highly demanding and destructive if left unsupervised. That’s why we stated the importance of getting toys for them.

Once a Bengal Cat has developed a strong bond with you, you will find that they are straightforward to train.

They are eager to learn new things and will quickly pick up new tricks.

These friendly cats will bond strongly with their humans and other pets. They are also very talkative and enjoy exploring new things.

Editors Note

There are several organisations out there in the UK which provide homes for the Bengal cat breed totally free of charge. Now normally they require a small donation which is understandable considering you’re getting a full pedigree.

One such group is called Bengal cat club GCCF – welfare and rehoming and they have a Facebook group. The groups main goal is to help to find permanent families for all these unfortunate cats. On the odd occasion you might even find male Bengal Kittens and if your really lucky they might have already been spayed too. This is just another option to consider which benefits everyone.

Do You Have A Kitten Waiting List

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it has given you a better overview of owning one of these cats.

We are Bengal Cat breeders and based in the UK. We do not breed cats for profit here at Trinity Lodge, and we only have two Bengal Cat litters a year.

This makes us a responsible Bengal Breeder. We also abide by the Breeding Codes Of Ethics implied by TICA. Because of this, we are in demand; however, you can quickly contact us for kitten availability anytime on here.

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