Looking After Domesticated Cats

How to look after domesticated cats and kittens properly and ensure they stay healthy and happy. We provide the latest tips and advice from around the internet.

Worms in Cats

Although some worms may appear without a microscope, others require faecal testing. Your vet can ask you to take a sample that is put in an air-tight container........

Worms in Cats2023-02-15T01:34:29+00:00

Cat Nail Clipping – Trimming Your Cats Nails

Most Bengal cats have clear nails, so it’s easy to see ‘The Quick’ vein inside. This will show up as a pinkish line running down the nail to the tip. This will stop....

Cat Nail Clipping – Trimming Your Cats Nails2023-02-15T01:38:09+00:00