Lucky Black Cat Helped Them Win 1 Million Pounds

Lucky Black Cat – Lottery winners from Southend, Essex look after the stray cat that brought them a fortune !

A couple who won the lottery is now providing lots of love and treats to a very special lucky black cat that helped them win Big.

Tony Pearce, 71, and his wife, 63, Deb Pearce, 63, from Southend in Essex, began feeding Billy The black Cat when they both struggled financially. Believe it or not, the couple won 1 million pounds from the National Lottery way back in 2017. Since then, their Cat named Billy has been a part of the money gravy train!

Lucky black cat Billy is believed to be aged around eight years and spends time with his owners living in their 2nd home in Norfolk.

lucky black sat with cats owners

This lovely pair were facing financial difficulties until they met this stray cat Picture: PA © Provided by Metro

Mrs Pearce stated: “Some people say black cats are cursed, but I’d say there is no truth in that! “When Billy the Cat appeared, we were near to selling our house and were almost going to stray ourselves. Tony could not work due to illness, and we were in debt.

“It appeared that the only option was to move into a rented house and then, six months later Billy arrived, luck hit us and our lives were changed for the better,” she said.

The couple has been able to stay in their old home, make improvements, and purchase a holiday house in Norfolk. They were also given the fantastic opportunity to have the ultimate wedding ceremony.

lottery winners patting the lucky cat

Winners of the lottery Deb Pearce 63 years Tony Pearce, 71 don't skimp and scrape caring for their pet Cat Credit: National Lottery/PA

This Cat became part of our family, and the couple has made no sacrifices in caring for Billy.

They have paid for insulin injections twice a day following his diagnosis of diabetes and then put him on a custom hypoallergenic diet to further improve his health prospects.

“Aside of having us on call for his daily injections we go through hoops to cater to his preferences,” said Mrs Pearce. Perhaps it’s because of the days of being an animal that he could have had a varied diet, but we need to provide an array of food options for him.

“It’s not a bad lifestyle for an Southend pet who clearly showed onto the right property at the right moment and showed our eyes that black cats can be fortunate!” For more stories head on over here.

lucky black cat

Husband and Wife Win Lottery with help from a stray cat. Picture: PA © Provided by Metro

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