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Maine Coons – Guide

The Maine Coon Cat is a very unique and peculiar animal, if you are thinking about purchasing one you’ll need to know what to look for and how to care for it. You’ll also need to understand this animal cat’s history, coat characteristics, and temperament. We have listed a complete and in-depth article below on all the main points regrading this breed.

Marvelous Gentle Giant Maine Coon Cat
maine coon breed

These Purebred Cats are medium to large, quite muscular and sometimes have a thick and shaggy coat. They have large, expressive eyes and a bushy tail. Their ears are wide at the base and taper to a point. They also appear to have a broad chest and are well above the average size of other domestic cats.

Temperament of This Cat

They’re great family pets. Aside from being obedient, they’re also social, outgoing, and curious. When they’re not hanging out with you, they’re playing. This cat makes an ideal choice for older people. The Maine coon is known as a Gentle Giant of the cat world; that’s how pleasant this pet’s personality is.

Maine Coon Appearance

These Purebred Cats are medium to large, quite muscular and sometimes have a thick and shaggy coat. They have large, expressive eyes and a bushy tail. Their ears are wide at the base and taper to a point. They also appear to have a broad chest and are well above the average size of other domestic cats.

A Tiger Lookalike Maine Coon Cat
large maine coons

A Maine Coon’s coat is long, silky and double-layered. This breed is described as having a “rectangular body,” but it has a square head, rounded chin, and high cheekbones.

The Coat Colours

Maine Coons have been around since the 1800s. They are tabby-like cats with a wide variety of colours. Some are known as classic tabbies, while others are torbie.

The breed is recognised in a variety of solid colours, including black, white, tortoiseshell, and tabby colours in classic and mackerel patterns, with or without silver.

Shaded and smoke colours, bi-colour, and parti-colours are also recognised. However, they can be found in a whole range of colours and patterns. Another standard colour is the red Maine Coon, or orange Maine Coon.

Classic tabbies have butterfly wing patterns on their shoulders and cheeks. They also have vertical lines on the back of their heads. A characteristic ‘M’ on their forehead is a hallmark of this type of Pet Cat.

Some other colours are challenging to identify, especially the white version of the this household cat. It’s usually a masking gene that prevents different colours from appearing.

How Tall Do They Get

Females are usually 8 to 14 inches tall. Male Maine Coons and can reach heights of about 16 inches tall. The logest length ever recorded was an astonishing 40 inches in long.

Weight – They weigh about 6-8 kg, while females weigh between 4 and 6 kg. At full grown, they can weigh up to 25 pounds.

A male’s neck is slightly longer, it creates an impressive lion looking maine. Some Maine Coons also have a leonine ruff around their neck which is sometimes known as a silver collar.

The Lifespan of This Cat

The average age of a Maine Coon is between 9 and 15 years. However, some cats have lived to be 20 or even 25 years old. Several factors play into the life of these animals, including diet, general health care, and environmental factors.

A Silver Maine Coon
maine coons

The Intelligence

They are generally more intelligent than other breeds and can be easily trained to walk on a leash. In addition, they have a playful and fun nature. These cats are also good pets for kids and will adapt to any family member within your household.

The History of The Maine Coon Cats

The Maine Coon is one of the oldest breeds in North America. It originated in the Northeastern United States and was considered one of the most popular cat breeds in the late 19th century. But its popularity decreased after 1911.

A Little Maine Coon Kitten
tabby maine coon kitten

The Theories + Origins

1 – The story of the origins of the Maine Coon is a mysterious one. Most experts believe that the breed is a descendant of a longhaired cat brought to the United States by European sailors.

2 – However, others think the Vikings brought them to the USA on boats. In any case, they were also on the boats to keep rat and mouse infestations down. They were also referred to as Coon’s Cats.

3 – Some suggest that it was a product of an attempt by Marie Antoinette to smuggle herself to America before her execution in 1793. According to the story, Antoinette, the Queen of France at the time, tried to flee France to escape her execution.

She asked Captain Samuel Clough to take her to America. He agreed to help and loaded his ship with all her prized possessions. This included several Turkish Angora/Siberian kittens. She never made this trip and it is thought these kittens actually ended up on the shores of Wiscasset in Maine. From there they bred with the local cats and that’s where the Maine Coons came from.

Official State - North America
north american maine coon cat

Fully Litter Trained

Like other cats, they need to be kept in a spacious cage, which should have plenty of food and water. Unless you are happy to let them out in the house, provided they are litter trained and don’t scratch your furniture.

Caring For Your Cat

If you’re considering adopting a Maine Coon, you’ll want to get the most out of your new feline friend. These cats are not only fun to be around, but they are also intelligent and trainable. They’re very social and can become attached to their humans. But they do need a little care.

Large Silver Maine Coon
Long Haired - long tuffs -silver maine coon cat

Nutritional Food

One of the first things you’ll want to do is to ensure that your cat has the proper nutrition. Typically, they do not need a special diet. Just make sure you feed your pet cat food that is high in nutrients and low in chemical additives. This is significantly more important in older cats too.

Interactive Toys

Another thing you’ll want to do is give your cat some interactive toys. There are a variety of options, including wands with tassels, laser pointers, and stuffed animals. This will help your pet to mentally and physically burn off their energy.

Another thing you can do is to give your Maine Coon a scratching post. A good scratching post should be built on a sturdy base. And remember to replace it once it breaks.

Greasy Coats

They are also highly active. You may have to bathe your pet every few months because their coat can get greasy.

Health Issues

If you’re planning to buy one of these cats, you might want to do a little research about the breed’s health issues. The large size of this breed, combined with a high energy level, makes it more likely to develop some problems.

Some of the most common health problems in the Maine Coon include hip dysplasia and polycystic kidney disease. These disorders are genetically passed down and affect both male and female cats. However, the severity of the disease can vary, so it’s essential to keep an eye on your cat’s health.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is an abnormality of the hip joint that results in misaligned joints and arthritis. This condition can be detected through x-rays of the hip joints. While it is not usually life-threatening, it can cause crippling lameness.

Cutet Maine Coon Kittens
maine coon kitten

Dental Disease

Periodontal disease is another health issue that can affect your Maine coon cat. Inflammation of the mouth and gums, called periodontitis, occurs when plaque builds up on the teeth. It is often reversible, but if it persists, it can lead to kidney disease and heart valve disease.


Obesity is another problem that can lead to arthritis and heart disease. When a cat gets overweight, its heart has to work harder to pump blood. As a result, its lifespan is cut short.

Majestic Maine Coons
maine coons thick coat

In addition to the fact that they are very active and love attention, these cats are also very social and love to spend time with people. They prefer to live with their owners and get along well with other pets.

When they are younger, you will find that they are very playful. They like to follow their owners around. As they grow, they become more affectionate.

Interesting Cat Facts

1 – Oldest Breed

One of the oldest natural breeds in the United States, the Maine Coon is a large, domesticated cat. These cats are a popular favourite among cat lovers all over the world.

Their unique personality and gentle disposition make them well-loved pets.

2 – Part Of The Felidae Family

They are a member of the Felidae family, along with the Persian, Abyssinian, and Siamese. However, they differ from the others in several respects.

For instance, their thick coat is water-repellent and dense. It is also silky and smooth.

3 – Intelligent & Playful

They are intelligent and playful. They enjoy human company and like to follow their owners around. If you are looking for a pet that you can trust with children, a Maine coon is an excellent choice.

4 – Popular Breed

Despite its popularity, this was once considered a rare breed. After a period of neglect, they finally made a comeback in the 1980s and have since become extremely popular in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

5 – Largest Cats in The World

The Maine Coon is one of the largest cats in the world. They have a long, bushy tail and large pointed ears. A Maine coon’s ear fur can be very thick, and it also protects them from cold temperatures.

Brown Striped Maine Coon Cat
pretty gentle giant maine coon cat

Cat Clubs Available

Generally speaking, you will buy a Maine Coon Kitten from a reputable breeder, and this will mean that they are registered with a cat club. There are two leading Cat Clubs which are available to register your cat. Whichever cat fanciers association you decide to join does not really matter; it’s your decision to make after you have bought the cat.

1 – Tica International Cat Association

These are based in the USA but have a decent amount of members. They ensure all cat shows are monitored, and they provide registrations for lots of different breeds of other domestic cats.

2 – GCCF Governing Council of Cat Fancy

This is a U.K.-based cat club and has around 150 cat clubs around the united kingdom associated with it. This is better for U.K. cat owners, but that’s a personal choice you have to make.

Some Fun Facts – Maine Coon Cat

1 – The Maine coon has a rich history. The breed has been around for several centuries. It’s been considered to be one of the oldest natural breeds of cats in North America.

2 – This animal has been recognized by the state of Maine as its official cat. In fact, it was named the state cat in 1985. Since its recognition, the breed has become popular. Today, you can find Maine coons of all shapes and sizes.

3 – While many people associate the Maine Coon with the raccoon, its origins are far from that. The Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural breeds of cats in North America.

4 – It’s believed that it evolved from the Angora types that were introduced to New England by seamen. At some point, the breed took on some characteristics that enabled it to survive in the cold and harsh winters of the region.

5 – The coat is smooth and wavy, with a slightly shorter coat on the back and neck. Throughout the lower body, the Maine Coon has water-resistant fur. This coat helps the cat to keep warm in the cold. It also gives it the ability to swim and float through the water.

6 – Unlike most other cat breeds, this cat can survive in the harsh New England winters. The snowshoe-like paws of a Maine Coon will help it to get around in the snow.

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