Nefertitti The Cat

Nefertitti is her registered Breeder’s Name. However, we like to call her LUCY; she is a real menace, and her actual Bengal traits are in overdrive! She loves a cuddle but is so active that we are sure she runs on Duracell batteries.
Lucy is also very loyal but will try anything and everything without a second thought; she is a beautiful cat and a perfect blueprint for the Wild Bengal Breed. As you can see from the picture, she has fantastic markings which also glitter in the sun. This female is a prime example of how Bengal cats should look.

brown bengal cats

Cleopatra The Cat

Cleopatra is her registered Breeder’s Name. However, we like to call her ALLY; she is adorable and has one of the best temperaments you could ever wish for. Her markings are striking, and the colours are so vibrant when she is outdoors! This Bengal cat is a carbon copy of her sister but with a deeper colour.

She is exceptionally loyal and loving. She is not a daring cat and prefers to watch before she commits to any daring adventures, often watching how her sister Nefertiti deals with it first! This cat is another fine example of an incredibly glittered, Wild Looking Bengal Cat.

wild looking bengal cats


Meet our new Stud OSIRIS; he is a fantastic Charcoal Bengal with a unique black mask down his face. He has inherited his markings from his father, ‘IRONMAN,’ who has won shows at the TICA level.

You can see from his great black rosettes he will provide exceptional kittens this year. He will be in demand but has the personality of a naughty boy!

We have called OSIRIS Dexter, or Dec for short. He is very obedient and answers his name on call. His wild looks and Bengal Cat traits are so good to see; this is one cat to watch because we think he will turn into a gem. You can reserve a kitten from a future litter Dexter will provide.


grey and white bengal cat
charcoal bengal cat

No deposit is required for a reservation until you see the Kitten YOU want when it arrives, so contact us today, and we will reserve you a spot for one of the few litters we have each year. He will be active towards the end of July 2022.

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