Charcoal Bengal Cats

Bengals are stunning cats that resemble their Asian Leopard Cat ancestor in both looks and behaviour. They love being around other cats and humans of any size, including children! Although Charcoals are not as popular as some of the other coloured Bengal Kittens For Sale they are still nice looking especially when you get a double APB which enhances the black stripe down the front of the face. 

Charcoal Bengal cats are famously recognized by their rosettes. They combine darker outer outlines with lighter inner markings to produce beautifully unique rosettes, often with dark face masks and dorsal stripes. 

General Rosettes 

Rosettes come in different forms, such as perfectly round, larger pancake-style pancake style rosettes, paw print rosettes or sparbled variations that often complement more subdued clouded patterns such as marbled Bengals, which feature marbled, rosetted and spotted patterns to produce stunning contrasts that create striking colour contrasts – not to mention making for some stunning visual contrast between colours when combined into what’s known as a sparbled Bengal!

Bengals Kittens typically come in Brown, Silver and Snow shades; however, other colours and patterns, such as charcoal, blue and melanistic (solid black), may also be available. 

Charcoal Bengals tend to have very dark tones and are sometimes called smoke Bengals, but they don’t provide the ‘smoke effect’ that the Silver Bengal Kittens & Cats do.

A Charcoal Bengal is defined as a Bengal with one copy each of Apb and non-agouti genes from each inherited from each parent.