Silver Bengal Cats

Unlike the common Brown Bengal Kittens, Silver Bengals are one of the newest colour and pattern variations introduced into the Bengal breed, quickly capturing both breeder attention and cat lovers worldwide. Here in the UK people buying Bengal Kittens seem to favour this colour for some reason.

Silver Bengals stand out with their striking dark markings contrasting beautifully against their white base coat, either spotty or marbled; some may feature rosette, pancake or paw print patterns depending on genetics; purebred Silvers will feature light to steely grey colourations with black or rust-brown spots or marbling; green eyes; solid black-tipped tail.


After 40 years, Silver Bengals finally gained recognition within TICA-recognized colours in 2004. Silver Bengals are created when an inhibitor gene that disguises their normal brown hue is passed from parent to kitten. Unlike the Charcoal Bengal Kitten silvers are quite light and can be ghostly looking.