Snow Bengal Cat Colors

These types of Bengal cats for sale are harder to come by, especially ones with unique markings. Like all Bengal cats the Snows will win everyone over with their playful nature and attention-seeking ways, quickly captivating everyone in the family.

What Are The Different Snow Bengal Cat Colors 

Unlike Charcoal Bengal Kittens Snow Bengals come in three varieties: seal lynx point, seal sepia and snow mink. Of these three variants, snow lynx point offers the greatest contrast between its background and markings.

Seal Sepia Bengals are darker than snow Bengals, typically with light tan backgrounds with distinctive markings. Eye colours of sepia Bengals may range from green, copper and gold similar to those of the Melanistic Bengal.

As their name implies, snow minks are hybrids between lynxes and sepias, usually darker than their respective species, with aqua-coloured eyes.