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Siamese Cats Personality

The Siamese Cats Personality is that of an Incredibly Loving and Playful Cat. This cat is one of the world’s most beloved breeds. These loyal, affectionate creatures enjoy playing and cuddling with their owners. These highly intelligent creatures possess an intense bond with humans. They perform best in homes where they can be close to their family members so a busy active household is a must.

Pedigree - Siamese Cat
Pointed Ragdoll Cat

History Of The Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat, native to Thailand (formerly Siam), is one of the world’s most beloved breeds. They stand out for their blue eyes, distinctive markings and elegant body.

They are widely considered the most recognizable cat in the world and have been featured in countless poems, myths and other stories.

First exported from Thailand to America in 1878, then later imported to Britain, these majestic felines quickly gained notoriety worldwide.

The earliest documented cats with Siamese markings appeared on an engraving from Russia, and drawings of them also appear in a manuscript called ‘Cat-Book Poems’ written in Thailand (then Siam) between 1350 and 1700.

Laid Back Siamese Cats Personality
Siamese Point Cat

These cats were known as ‘Seal Points’ and believed to be born white with their colour points appearing over time. Siamese cats are sometimes identified by their crossed eyes, which were said to have been inherited from ‘Sacred Temple Cats of Siam’.

Unfortunately, many breeders no longer find these traits desirable. However, they remain a popular breed in the UK. They are a very short-haired domestic cat breed, and can be kept either as lovable pets or show cats.

Their affectionate personality means that they enjoy spending time with humans and will happily sit and purr away for hours on end.

Siamese Colours

Siamese cats are one of the world’s most beloved cat breeds, known for their vibrant colours. They come in an array of point patterns such as Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac and Tortie.


These type of combinations can also be seen, though these aren’t usually recognized as official colour coats in most organizations, Just like the Ragdoll Cats they still make for a stunning appearance. Siamese cats typically have a white body, but can also be found with many other shades. Their remarkable genetic make up causes their fur to change colour depending on the temperature of their surroundings. This is so weird and odd but amazing still the same.

Genetic Mutation

These colours are caused by a genetic mutation of the partial albinism gene, causing colouring only on their extremities (ears, face mask, tail and paws). They carry the “cs” allele which means their mutant enzyme tyrosinase is less active when body temperatures are high and more active when temperatures drop. Cinnamon Point Siamese have stunning warm, dusty-brown colouring on their ears, tails and face masks with ivory-coloured bodies.

They also have soft grey noses and paw pads with slight pinkish undertones. Another variation of the original Seal Point is the lilac point, which has a lighter hue. Their pale white body contrasts with pink or frosty Gray points. These cats are described as a cross between Seal Point Siamese, domestic shorthair and Abyssinian breeds. They feature stunning cream points with vibrant mushroom markings throughout their bodies.


Siamese cats typically have blue eyes, but they can also be born with black, silver, grey or lilac hues due to the gene that produces their coat pattern. The coat colour of Siamese cats is due to their tyrosinase protein, which produces melanin in their skin and eyes.

While this enzyme normally works best at body temperature, Siamese cats have a gene mutation which allows it to work better at room temperature; thus, their vibrant coat colours. Their ears, nose, paws and tails appear dark in colour due to tyrosinase gene inhibition when exposed to temperatures below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stunning Siamese Eyes
 Blue Eyed Siamese Cat

Once thought to be unattractive, crosses eyes and hooked tails have been selectively bred out of the breed through selective breeding. While they are less common now, they still occur in some instances.

Legends about the Siamese cat suggest they were employed to guard valuable objects like vases and gold goblets, leading to crossed eyes and kinked tails. Thankfully, these traits are not very common today due to selective breeding. Despite their distinctive appearance, these cats are very friendly and playful creatures who enjoy playing and interacting with their owners.

Siamese Cats Personality

The Siamese cat is an adorably loving and playful breed that exhibits extreme affectionate loyalty. Not only do they get along well with children, but they can even form close friendships with their family dog! Cats are highly intelligent creatures and, as such, need to be provided with plenty of stimulating toys and activities.

Playing Fetch

Not only do they enjoy playing fetch with you, but they might also explore your drawers or cupboards – so make sure they have plenty to occupy themselves! Siamese puppies are not only affectionate and playful, but they’re also highly curious. If you don’t have enough time for them, they could become easily bored; so, try to spend most of the day at home and spend quality time playing with them.

Hypoallergenic Cats

Additionally, Unlike the Bengal Cat Breed they’re not particularly hypoallergenic, so if you suffer from allergies, it may be wise to re-evaluate getting one. Furthermore, their sensitivity to cold weather makes them unsuitable for outdoor activities; if living in a cold climate it would be best to keep them indoors for their safety.

However, it is essential to remember that single tests assessing specific behaviour do not always correlate with self-reports in this way. Therefore, future studies need to explore the use of different objective personality tests and aggregate them for validation purposes (Ortner and Proyer, 2018) in order to develop an accurate, reliable way to measure playfulness.

Siamese Kitten
Siamese Kitten

Family Pets

When selecting a cat for your family, there are many factors to take into account. The Size and the breeds activity level along with grooming needs should all be taken into account when choosing the right cat. Siamese cats make excellent and loyal family pets due to their friendliness and playful nature.

Sociable Pets

Additionally, these social creatures will form close relationships with their owners. However, they can be territorial and aggressive when introduced to other pets. Therefore, it’s always best to gradually introduce them so that they don’t develop any naughty/unwanted habits.


They possess high intelligence and drive, making them easy to train. Ideally, like most other cats socialization is key from an early age, if this is present then they will get along well with other pets too without issues. These felines are highly active, so they require regular exercise to stay healthy.

A scratching post can help sharpen their claws while toys provide entertainment. When you are buying a cat one of the things to consider is their fur and does it shed often. For those with allergies to cat dander, this could pose an issue. If you suffer from allergies, opting for a breed that sheds less is recommended.


The Siamese breed does not shed much and doesn’t produce excessive dander. The Siamese cat breed originated in Thailand and has become widely popularized throughout North America and Europe due to its intelligence, affectionate nature, and fierce loyalty. They make excellent pets for families or households of any size and have brilliant personalities.

The Siamese Cat Diet

Siamese cats are meat eaters and certainly need a diet with a high percentage of animal protein. Just like the Bengal Cat Diet they require some fat for energy that will fuel playtime or exercise sessions with your cat. Feeding a healthy Siamese requires providing them with an array of proteins from meat, fish and poultry sources. A well balanced and nutritional diet will ensure they receive all essential vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy and active.

The Right Ingredients

When selecting a diet, be sure to read the label for ingredients. Many food manufacturers use artificial preservatives and chemicals in their products; thus, it’s essential to steer clear of these items. High-quality pet food should contain at least 25%-30% meat as its primary ingredient and be composed of whole meats, organs and quality protein meals.

Futhermore, you should avoid overfeeding your cat as this can lead to obesity, which is dangerous for them and could potentially result in health issues like diabetes or heart disease. A balanced diet will ensure your Siamese remains fit and healthy for years to come.

We hope this whistle stop tour of the Siamese has helped you in deciding whether this cat is right for you (if you are thinking about buying one that is)

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