Silver Bengal Cats

silver bengal cats

Why Are They Silver

It’s more of a loss of colour to be called “silver” (I, i or I, I inhibitor genes). This gene prevents the dog from developing any warm colours, leaving just dramatic dark markings on its white coat.

The Bengal breed was added to the TICA championship in 2004 with the addition of the silver colour. You will always find that the tip of the Silver Bengal’s tail is Jet Black.

This was rightly recognized as an amazing official colour by the breeder’s association.

Different colours of silver in Bengal cats can be found, with backgrounds ranging from white to a deep steel tone. This steel tone is incredible and unique to the Bengal breeds.

It’s possible to find Silver in various hues, such as silver snow or silver charcoal, or even blue Silver.

silver Bengal playing on the floor with a scratch post

Among the additional features of a silver Bengal cat are the following:

  • The coat should have as little tarnish (yellow/rusty brown) as feasible.
  • The tip of a black tail
  • A reddish-brown snout
  • Eyes with green or gold tints

As you can tell these cats should be easy to tell apart! If you have convinced yourself on buying on then head on over to our kitten page!. I really believe that this is one of the best colours providing that you get the correct patterns and tones they can look absolutely amazing and unique.

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