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Bengal Cat For Sale

We are committed to providing our pets the best homes at Trinity Lodge. We’ll ask questions before selling a Bengal Kitten to their forever home to ensure they have the best start.

We treat our family pets with the utmost care and want that love to continue for them when they leave us. We only list a Bengal Cat For Sale once in a blue moon! Because we are a responsible Breeder & as a result of this we only have a few litters a year. Incidentally we are Non-Profit, but that makes us unique and genuine!

  • We are based in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

  • Have been looking after cats for over 15 years and are truly dedicated to the Bengal Breeds.

  • Non Profit & any excess funds are re-invested into our family pets care plans. We always ensure our babies go to good homes.

  • You will be hard-pressed to find better Kittens for sale from this type of environment on classified sites.
trinity lodge bengals CEO

Hobbyist Bengal Breeder

Amazing Cats

We are a small but professional TICA-registered Bengal Cat Breeder who are based in the UK, Yorkshire. We provide a personal approach to breeding our amazing pet Kittens. We only produce the very best of bloodlines, a testament to the unique Colours of our Kittens we bring into people’s lives. Some of our past have had the most amazing Brown Rosetted Markings we have ever seen.

The Best Bengal Cats And Kittens

Don’t get one of these if you’re expecting it to sit on the settee bengal cat pricewith you all the time because these types of cat will need lots of interaction. Having said that, you will find ous to be very intelligent, curious, and highly active. We have several outdoor Catio-Spaces on site for all our cats to use whenever they want.

We are very family orientated, and this shows within our program, and because of this we never have problems finding homes for them when they are ready to leave their mummies. They are all loving and affectionate due to this environment and are used to the everyday noises of a busy household.

Free To Explore

You will find that ours are brought up in a free open environment and have access to all areas of our household, including the several outdoor adventure enclosures we provide them. Plus, we only breed Bengal Cats, so this is where our specialty starts.

You can find us in Rotherham, and we are close to the M1 and A1 should you decide to take a trip out to see us and the family cats. I’m sure they would love to see you too! Call us on 07475227368

Our Terms Of Sale

When we have the perfect Bengal Kitten For Sale just for you, when you visit us you will instantly realise that you are buying something exceptional. As cartoon face of a bengal pussy catmentioned above, we treat all our pet cats with the utmost respect, and they are part of the family. If you require a Pet Only Certificate of authenticity, you can print one off when you register them in your name on the TICA website. We will provide the pedigree paperwork slip number once you have proof of Neutering.

Neutering must happen within six months of having your kitten. Once this has occurred, you will be reimbursed up to a maximum cost of £75. You would then get the official Tica pedigree slip. If failure to neuter your cat within six months, then a pedigree slip will NOT be provided to you.

The procedure helps to dissuade unscrupulous people from farming out our babies. We are one of the best UK Bengal Cat Breeders, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your needs.

Kitten Prices From

  • TICA Pedigree Slip Provided
  • 4 Weeks Free Pet Insurance
  • Kittens Are Microchipped
  • Kittens Are Fully Vaccinated
  • Available From 13 Weeks
  • All Kittens De-Wormed


We have invested lots of hard work, love, and passion into our family pet Bengals. Our household is hectic, and this only enhances the kittens’ socialisation skills. It benefits you immensely when you take your little Kitten away to its new forever home.

When we have a litter available, we will ensure they are litter-trained and scratch-post-trained. When they arrive at you, they will be familiar with all day-to-day activities, including visiting the Vets for check-ups and vaccinations.

Check out our very own Raw Diet Recipe; you will find it cheaper than buying from well-known suppliers. If you’re actively looking for a kitten, bookmark us and check back often to see if we have a litter available!

When looking for a Bengal Cat For Sale, always research before committing yourself to buying one. There is a lot to consider, so you should read more About The Bengal Cat. You will be happy that you did!

Peace Of Mind

DID YOU KNOW: There are currently two genetic conditions that all Cat Breeders should test or screen for. It is to help prevent the passing down of hereditary Health Problems.

One is PK-Def, which causes anemia, and the other is Bengal PRA, which causes blindness. Ensure you ask the the seller for proof of parentage clearance before purchasing any Bengal Kittens.

Yours Cats Health

To avoid Cat Health problems always ensure that you ask your breeder if the Kitten is clear of these potential diseases. Here at Trinity Bengals, we check our breeding Dams and Sire’s to ensure they are 100% clear.

All our breeding cats are clear by Parentage through the five generations; we only source our pets from other top-level reputable breeders and at premium costs, which reflect this.

Because we care so much about our Tica Registered cats and kittens you have the peace of mind knowing you are buying perfect Bengal Cat.

We do offer a testing service at your cost if you want documentation for an individual Kitten. The cost is around £90 and a certificate is provided. This decision is yours to make, just let us know if you want this test carrying out, and we’ll sort this for you before collection.

We will always provide updates on our site when we have Kitten availability through a new litter. You can check this by looking at our Kittens Page in the Menu Section above labelled ‘Bengal Kitten For Sale‘. If you would like to reserve a Kitten or make further general enquiries, drop us a message (bottom right icon) You won’t be disappointed with this Cat Breed!

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