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Bengal Cats For Sale – Trusted UK Breeders 2023

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We are Hobbyist Breeders who provide Quality Bengal Cats For Sale throughout the year.

We are committed to providing our pets with the best forever homes. We provide some of the best rosetted Bengal kittens in Yorkshire.

As a responsible Breeder, we only provide two litters a year.

  • We are based in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

  • Have been looking after cats for over 15 years and are truly dedicated to this Breed.

  • Non Profit & any excess funds are re-invested into our pet care plans. We always ensure our babies go to good homes.

  • You will be hard-pressed to find better Kittens for sale from this type of environment on classified sites.
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Top Quality Bengal Kittens

Foreword: We are a small but professional TICA-registered who are based in the UK, Yorkshire. We provide a very personal approach to our Breeding Program which in turn provides amazing Bengal Kittens.

We only produce the very best bloodlines for sale. This is a testament to the unique patterns and Colours of our furry friends that we bring into people’s life.

Some of our past youngsters have had the most amazing Brown Rosetted Markings we have ever seen.

Free To Explore Outdoors

You will find that they are brought up in a free open environment and have access to all areas of our household, and also benefitting from several outdoor Cattio spaces we provide them.

Plus, we only breed these types, so this is where our specialty starts with these majestic creatures! See the below picture, we built our own cat enclosures ourselves, here is one website for you to look at if you are interested in this type of thing.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure
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Buying Process

When you visit us you will instantly realise that you are buying something exceptional. As grey bengal cartoon charactermentioned above, we treat all our Kittens with a serious amount of respect, because they are part of our family and in turn, they become extremely affectionate kittens.

Neutering must happen within six months of having your pet. Once this has occurred, you will be reimbursed up to a maximum Cost of £75. You would then get the official Tica pedigree slip. If failure to neuter your cat within six months, then a pedigree slip will NOT be provided to you and you will lose the benefits of being able to register your Kitten.

The procedure helps to dissuade unscrupulous people from farming out our babies and keeps them away, we don’t and won’t deal with these type of people so please don’t call if you have an agenda to breed from our pets

Hobbyist Breeders

We have invested lots of hard work, love, and passion into our family pet Bengals. Our household is hectic, and this only enhances their socialisation skills.

It benefits you immensely when you take your Kitten away to its new home. When one is available, they will come to you fully litter-trained and scratch-post-trained.

We are a breeder who understands our pets which ensures you have a seamless, hassle-free experience. You can expect them to spring into action when they arrive at your home, regardless of what’s going on.

You can find us in Rotherham, UK, and we are close to the M1 and A1 should you decide to take a trip out to see the cats and us. I’m sure they would love to see you too! Call us on 07475227368 to find out if we have any Bengal Cats For Sale.

Some Common Questions

How Much Are These Cats

You can pay anywhere from £700 up to £1600 for a pedigree Bengal Cat on the internet. Our Beautiful babies start at £750, depending on colours and bloodlines. Our pets carry the unique glitter gene, which means that their coats sparkle in certain lights.

Are Bengal Kittens Friendly

Yes, of course, they are friendly; they get along with other cats, dogs and children fine. There is One provision to this, Socialisation from birth is so IMPORTANT. If you find this missing, then avoid the breeder and buy elsewhere.

That goes for many domestic cats, too but more so for this breed. You will never get socialisation skills back from an adult cat who missed out at birth.

Where Do Bengal Cats Come From

They were created by crossing the Asian Leopard Cat with native breeds, which include the Domestic Tabby, Egyptian Mau, Burmese and Abyssinians.

Kittens Prices From

  • Call 07475227368

Our prices vary for each kitten. But generally, they will be around the £750 mark, give or take. We rarely charge much more unless our costs have not been met when breeding the Kittens.

Equally, sometimes they are slightly cheaper. It all depends, really, but this gives you a ballpark idea. There are a few factors that influence the price. These are Colours, patterns, and pedigree status.

Give us a call if you want to see a particular kitten you like to see.

Fully Tica Registered

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Our Bengal Cats For Sale

Genetically Tested

DID YOU KNOW: There are currently two genetic conditions that everyone should be aware of which if identified and dealt with can prevent future hereditary Health Problems.

One is PK-Def, which causes anaemia, and the other is Bengal PRA, which causes blindness.

Vet Checked

To avoid these problems always ensure that you ask if the Bengal Cat For Sale is clear of these diseases. Don’t let other breeders bend the rules and ignore this. We always check and ensure any pets we acquire to breed from are 100% clear. In addtion to this all our Kittens are Vet Checked during their vaccination visits.

Amazing Pedigrees: All our pets are clear by Parentage through the five generations; we only source them from other top-level reputable breeders and at premium costs, which reflect this.

Because we care so much about our animals you have the peace of mind knowing you are buying the perfect pedigree cat. We also abide by these rules provided by Defra from the UK.Gov website England.