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About Us

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Welcome to Trinity Bengals

About Us

The home of excellence, purity, and astonishing Bengal Cats. My name is Dan Plant, and my work partner is Rachel Bralsford.

We started out Breeding Bengal Cats around three years ago (2020). We have a desire to breed the best kittens and provide a caring home environment for them all on-site.

We are registered with The Institute of Cats Association oTICA for short and have also signed up for the ‘Code Of Ethics’ All our Cats are clear by parentage from PK-DEF and PRA, which are genetic illnesses to avoid with this breed.

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  • TICA Cattery Registration Number is 102594
  • Not For Profit – Bengal Cat Specialists

  • Established Hobbyist Breeders

Breeding Excellence

Our Vision

We aim to breed the best Bengal Kittens and provide buyers with an experience they will remember and enjoy.

We provide Kitten Packs to all our customers. Each Kitten Pack is unique to that particular kitten and normally includes a personalized booklet explaining the purchased kitten’s characteristics.

In addition to this we also provide a blanket, several food items, some toys, their typical litter, and free 28 days complimentary insurance.

We assure you that you will not be dissapointed with our Bengal Cats, we cannot wait to hear from you, call us to discuss your requirements!

Exclusive Kittens

TICA Registered

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQs section, we have tried answering some basic questions here. There is no such thing as a silly question so please don’t hesitate to ask us about it and we’ll make sure we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What deposit do you require for a Bengal Kitten2023-05-16T23:28:38+01:00

We required a £250 deposit for each Kitten. This deposit will reserve the Kitten of your choice. Deposits can be taken from week 1 upwards for each litter.

Why Can I Not Have My Kitten Early2023-05-16T23:28:18+01:00

It is crucial that all kittens stay with their mum for twelve weeks, this will ensure that they are calm and ready to become part of a human family.  Also, they need to have the second booster Vaccine at 11 weeks to ensure they are super fit and ready to take on the world!

Will they eat tinned food when I get my Bengal Kitten home2023-05-16T23:28:42+01:00

We try our best to make sure all our Kittens are eating Raw, Tinned and dry food by the time they are ready to leave us. Also they will be fully Litter and Scratchpost trained too.

Are your Bengal Cats fully Health Tested2023-05-16T23:28:49+01:00

Our adult cats are screened through breeding parentage history to ensure that they are PK-Def Negative, which causes anaemia, and PRA Negative, which can cause blindness. So you can be rest assured that your little Bengal Kitten will not have these illnesses.

Are your Bengal Cats Full Pedigrees2023-05-16T23:28:52+01:00

Yes all our Bengals are 100% pedigrees and come with a full 5 Generation Pedigree Certificate. We are also members of the TICA cat association.

Do your Bengal Kittens come vaccinated2023-05-16T23:28:56+01:00

All our Bengal Cats are fully vaccinated. First Vaccine is on week 8 and then the second booster is on week 11.

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Good Reputation


Our reputation is second to none, and the current feedback from Google Businesses is a testament to this; as such, the benchmark has been set, and we expect this service delivery to every customer.

We are non-profit as we only breed two litters a year; most of the money goes back to feeding and looking after the family cats. This makes us different and somewhat special.

Contact Details:

We are based in Dalton Magna, Dalton, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S65 3ST and can be contacted at (Click to Call) 07475227368

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